Tooling & Assembly Solutions

Precision Machining

At Tooling and Assembly Solutions, we process large and small projects, with the idea that all projects get the same delicate care in planning and processing. This is because we realize that being the best at machining has little to do with meeting a dimension even up +/- .0001 but more about our commitment to the customer and the parts we are fabricating. This thought keeps us a level above the competition in all areas. Our staff works the process not the part to ensure the part will come out correct.Its for this reason we make every effort to eliminate error with a thorough process and understanding of the customers needs.


Starting with the design or analysis of a design, we systematically go through technical drawings looking for flaws and inconsistencies that will show up later and could potentially be costly to repair. Using SolidWorks, accompanied by Cosmos F.E.A., we can analyze components size, interference, material application, and geometry to add a second level of manufacturing experience onto the process. From this point, the parts are streamed into Mastercam where we begin the fabrication process.


From Mastercam to Machine, each part is analyzed as to the most effective tool path and cutting tools to do the job in a cost effective, yet precision manner. Some machine shops tend to think steel is steel, but we understand the cost and time loss in a part with a chip or burr in an un-welcome place. Tooling considerations are also dealt with at this time. Into the HAAS CNC Machining Centers and the parts are on their way to becoming their intended shape.

Application Engineering

Once parts and assemblys are complete we will make all efforts to support our customers where as required. An example of this could be anything from installation of a piece of equipment; to troubleshooting a process problem with your manufacturing staff; or even on site repairs and maintenance of existing machinery and tooling.